Both Happy and Proud

Students at Roosevelt Middle School have read 1.716 book since the start of “On Your Mark Get Set Read” reading incentive program on December 1st. The Blue House read the most books topping it off by 685 books, with the Purple House reading 660 books, Green House had 371 books. Hats off to all of you that read. Blue House enjoy your Ice Cream Sunday Party coming very soon. YUM   #semls20


Vacation Time

This week we have a break from Semls 2.0 class. I have learned so much in these short few weeks I can”t stop. Still checking the blog, twitter, google reader, delicious, plus doing the Library Thing. The fun never ends. #semls20

When computers cooperate the world is so much better. Let’s finish with a less stressful night. #semls20

Howdy Web 2.0 world

Set up Twitter and now follow 49 people not bad for the first week. One problem is that I can not figure out how to connect Twitter to this blog. Will try tomorrow when more patience comes my way. Good night web world. #semls20

Web 2.0 Class

When computers are working and you finally figure out what you are doing with the technology it is great. When you can not figure out what you are doing it becomes frustrating. Today is not a very good day. #semls20

Roosevelt Middle School

Roosevelt Middle School

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Here is a picture of our beautiful front entrance located on Frederick St. When you visit us you must use this entrance and check in with the Main Office.


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